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17 Dec

The best part of December

Datum: 2019-12-17 07:20

Christmas if fast approaching and with it a few days holiday (at least for most of us). If not, then at least ...

11 Oct

Celebrate New Year's more often

Datum: 2017-10-11 10:39

Regardless what you think of New Year's resolutions, they are pretty common. And for good reason too. To many people ...

17 Nov

Give a swift answer to a tricky question

Datum: 2014-11-17 09:54

At some point in your daily work when attending meetings, business parties, sales meetings and having other encounters with new people, you must also have gotten ...

28 Jan

Five ways to keep track of your deadlines

Datum: 2014-01-28 09:13

By now most of us have started working and for many people the spring will be filled with activities, tasks and deadlines all the way until ...

03 Oct

Work where you work best

Datum: 2012-10-03 12:00

Since not all the things we need to do can be done just anywhere, it can be smart to categorize the to-do-tasks by the particular context we need to be in to be able to ...

26 Sep

Put a twist to your reflection

Datum: 2012-09-26 12:00

From time to time, especially when things are hectic and you have a lot on your plate, it can be of great value to sit down and reflect. When we reflect on things and write down or sketch out what we need to reflect on, we get ...

09 May

When your e-mail isn’t being helpful

Datum: 2012-05-09 12:00

I have never encountered anyone who complains over receiving too few e-mails or someone who was unhappy due to e-mails being too short or too concrete.

And very few organizations or companies tell me the communication occurring through CC:-ing is at a reasonable level.

And yet we still choose e-mails before ...

08 Feb

Set aside fifteen minutes for the future

Datum: 2012-02-08 11:00

When our lives are just spinning and you feel as if your everyday-life is like a rat race it is easy to lose sight of where you are going. Saying that it is important to explicitly formulate a vision for what you strive to achieve in the long run, is almost a truism. But I am not saying it for nothing. Remembering this will make what you do in your everyday life feel ...

14 Dec

Eight parking-lots for your ideas

Datum: 2011-12-14 11:00

On occasion, you get an idea or two. They are amazing, marvelous and exciting ideas and sometimes even show a true stroke of brilliance. If you are in luck, they fit right in with what you need to focus your strength and energy on right now. But they can often concern matters which ...

30 Nov

What is the status of your structure?

Datum: 2011-11-30 11:00

If you sense that you need to make improvements in your personal structure, there is only one way to get started. Perform a ...

24 Aug

Let's shake things up again, but first...

Datum: 2011-08-24 11:38

If you are like me, the summer vacation works as a cleansing bath for the thoughts regarding your job. If so, just like me, you think more clearly about your job after ...

13 Apr

Do you know?

Datum: 2011-04-13 13:05

“Having good structure is to know” my business friend replied over lunch the other day when I asked what structure means to her. Indeed, that is “tried and true”.
If you have good structure ...

30 Mar

You won!

Datum: 2011-03-30 15:06

When was the last time you felt victorious? When was the last time you actively felt very pleased with yourself, in a sincere and honest way? When did you last ...

31 Dec

Year-ends and me

Datum: 2010-12-31 10:18

Today, this year ends and tomorrow begins a new.

When my tempo is high in work periods during the year, I like to clarify and define my projects and next steps in detail. When I am on holiday (like right now), I prefer to relax also from that. These days, ...

21 Dec


Datum: 2010-12-21 09:42

We are approaching one of the times during the year when most of us take a longer continuous break. It might as well be the summer vacation, but right now it’s the Christmas holiday.?? During these breaks, a ...

17 Sep

Schedule time for reflection

Datum: 2010-09-17 10:29

You spend quite a substantial amount of hours of your life working every week. If everything you do is about the details here and now, you’ll find that everything just keeps on spinning.

??You might have become quite good at ...

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