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14 Dec

Eight parking-lots for your ideas

Date: 2011-12-14 11:00 Comments: 0 st

On occasion, you get an idea or two.
They are amazing, marvelous and exciting ideas and sometimes even show a true stroke of brilliance.

If you are in luck, they fit right in with what you need to focus your strength and energy on right now. But they can often concern matters which you cannot delve deeper into at the moment since you have other things you need to prioritize.

It might be possible to set the idea into practice in a while, perhaps in six months. The clients are not ready now, but give them two years and the time to introduce your idea might be just right.

It is easy for the idea to simply slip your mind, to disappear and never turn into anything, if you just think “OK, just not now” and push it to the back of your mind.

Store them safely

This is the very reason you need to park them in a safe place so that you can find that one fantastic idea when the great opportunity to actualize it reveals itself.

But where should you park them?  I here present you with eight possible parking-lots for your ideas.

  1. Get yourself an idea-list where you write down brilliant ideas which aren’t possible to realize today. Do not feel pressured to define any first steps or tasks for these ideas just for the sake of it, but leave them there until the right moment arises.
  2. Write the idea on a note and place it in your idea-hanging-file which you flip through from time to time to see if you possibly could realize any of them now.
  3. Create a mind-map on the computer or on paper, where every idea is given its own branch. That way you can develop the ideas with new branches and details whenever you feel like it.
  4. Purchase a small, black notebook which is reserved for ideas and which you always can carry with you. This way it is quick and easy to park an idea wherever you are, and when you have nothing better to do while waiting for your flight, what could a more inspiring reading?
  5. Place an idea-jar on your desk, out of which you can extract an exciting idea when you feel like it.
  6. Hang an idea-laundry-line in your office where you hang all the great ideas you get so that they constitute a continuous source of inspiration; there might even be someone who spots an idea, see the brilliance in it and help you realize it.
  7. Post the ideas you will not have the time or opportunity to realize yourself online, for instance on a site such as the Swedish website Idépedia, a bank of ideas accessible to all, and you thereby make it possible for others to bring them to life instead.
  8. Do as Duarte Design. Place an idea-whiteboard in a common area at your office where you “post” ideas so that others can comment on and develop them.

Don’t let the ideas go to waste

If you have a quick and easy way to park the ideas you cannot actualize at the moment, you will take care of the brilliant ideas you get to a greater extent than you otherwise would. You will gradually build a valuable bank of embryos to new businesses, new services, new products, and new opportunities for yourself and for the business you are in. 

Even if the idea isn’t feasible right now, everything might fall into place when you at a cocktail-party meet a person who dreams of ridding themselves of the problem your idea would be the perfect solution of. Then you suddenly know just where to look.

How do you keep track of ideas?

What do you do with the ideas you chose not to go through with right now, so that they will not go to waste? And how do you go about putting them into practice when the time is right? Leave a comment to share your ideas! The only bad ideas out there are those which no one gave life to!

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