About David Stiernholm

Hello. My name is David Stiernholm and I am a struktör.

Every day I help people and organizations becomes more efficient by creating better structure and order. I offer talks, seminars and individual one-to-one sessions. Read more about my services here.

Boring? Not at all. Smart? Very!

Perhaps you think that structure sounds tremendously boring. I think that structure is liberating and gives me energy. Allow me to explain:

Nineteen years ago I worked as a project manager for a large trading company. My calendar was always full but I did not really have any overview or control of the bigger picture. My desk was completely cluttered, my mind was full to the brim, and I solved all upcoming tasks and projects on the fly. That utter and complete lack of structure made me feel terrible and stressed - even when I was not at work. I desperately needed change, and started searching for a solution.

The solution was structure. Today I have tools, mental approaches, methods and routines that make me that much more efficient, flexible and - believe it or not - happier! In my work I will help you and your colleagues discover new structured and smart ways of working.

Since the launch in 2004, many organizations, companies and universities have chosen to hire me (read what they thought here). My customers and clients range from large, well-established organizations to small entrepreneurial start-ups. And they also span across all kinds of sectors and throughout a wide variety of countries. Their common denominator is that they all have very busy schedules, but also a willingness and desire to change their routines.

Are you curious of what a struktör could help you and your company change? If so, your next step is to:

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