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Personal structure training

Do you want to learn how to improve your personal structure without having to attend a course? Do you want to be able to stay in your office, and get the help you need to establish new structure habits, right where you are? Do you want us to put all the focus on you and your situation?

If so, then the service Personal structure training is just right for you. In this package, it is all about you and your personal structure. You will work together with me methodically to clear your desk, get an empty e-mail inbox, and establish a lasting structure that makes you more free and efficient.

In a series of virtual structure training sessions through Microsoft Teams or Zoom, I will help you create the structure that suits you and your work situation. You can book half hour as well as full hour long sessions, depending of what you prefer.

Between the sessions, you email your questions and ideas to me as much as you want (for how long as you want). Thereby, you have full access to my knowledge and experience even after we have met.

Yes please, I want to know more about Personal structure training.


Book David Stiernholm for a hands-on, inspiring and entertaining talk!

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Personal structure training

Get individual help from David Stiernholm to create and maintain good structure habits which make you more productive in your daily life.

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Course in structure

Smart tips and practical exercises in a course that will make you more structured.

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