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16 May

Learn something new in less than 10 minutes

Datum: 2024-05-16 09:08

Do you also tend to forget things you have just learned? Someone shows you how to perform a task you have just been made responsible for and in that moment it is so obvious how to do it, but the first time you are about to perform it yourself ...

19 Feb

How structure becomes a facilitator rather than an inhibitor

Datum: 2024-02-19 08:10

I have always died a little on the inside when hearing words such as ‘structure’, ‘order’ and ‘routines’”, wrote a reader of my book on structure last week. I perceive this to be a rather common perspective on the subject in question. Perhaps it has to do with ...

29 Jan

Make it easier to delegate

Datum: 2024-01-29 09:00

Sometimes a large task takes longer than we had anticipated. We thought we would have more than enough time to finish before Friday and even time to do other tasks, but something comes up and ...

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