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17 Dec

The best part of December

Date: 2019-12-17 07:20 Comments: 0 st

Christmas if fast approaching and with it a few days holiday (at least for most of us). If not, then at least the next few weeks will most likely have fewer scheduled activities, meetings, gatherings and conferences. So either way we will have some breathing-space.

If the weeks tend to just fly by during the fall, then we now get a natural break with less to do. We can make clever use of this calmer period and get a good start on the new year by planning ahead.

If we take the opportunity to look ahead on what will happen during 2020, we will be able to get started on more projects which we otherwise might have gotten started on later, perhaps even last second if we have not planned far enough ahead of time.

Easy does it
Having planned further ahead, we will be able to deliver what we do for others with higher quality and with fewer mistakes. We will feel less stressed and our workdays will be more enjoyable.

Do this

  1. Go through your calendar for next year and notice what has already been scheduled throughout 2020.

  2. As soon as you come to think of something you should do in preparation for a future event, add it as a to-do-task on your list and set a due date or make it visible from a certain date which is, according to you, set sufficiently far ahead of the event itself. This could for instance be that you will:
    • start working on something
    • check in with someone regarding something
    • schedule something
    • ask someone else to start working on something

  3. Great! Now you have at least prepared these activities, ensuring that you are reminded early enough to do something which you will later thank yourself for having done. And you will thank yourself, I guarantee it.

Get a smooth start to the new year
If you make use of Christmas’ calmer tempo to get ahead on your planning, then your 2020 will be at least slightly less stressful than 2019. You will have more time to reflect on where you are now and where you are heading, and more time to do what truly matters to you.

How do you get ahead of yourself?
What is your way of getting ahead of yourself and plan for next year? Comment below, why don't you?

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