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21 Nov

Podcast: Done! No. 536 - How to show your family if you are available or not

Datum: 2022-11-21 08:45

When you work at the office, you might have agreed with your colleagues that you use the chat app's status indicator to show each other whether you are available or not. But, how do you signal to your family members while working from home that you need to work uninterrupted at the moment?

There is now an app for that - and I will tell you about it in this 536th episode.

27 Oct

No more ”to-be-sorted”-pile

Datum: 2022-10-27 08:00

Do you have a ”to-be-sorted”-pile? You know, one of those piles that lie there on your desk ”for now” and which you intend to ...

25 Oct

A more effective way of saying no

Datum: 2022-10-25 09:00

There are offers we wish to decline, things we do not want to do, tasks we no longer want to be responsible for doing. But to many it is hard to say no ...

17 Oct

Wait for it… now GO!

Datum: 2022-10-17 09:00

People talk about impulse control, that is, the ability to remain focused on doing something even if you get an impulse to do something else. My good friend and fellow speaker ...

13 Oct

How to make sure you come prepared to the meeting

Datum: 2022-10-13 11:00

Arriving at a meeting out of breath and painfully aware that you have not had the time to read the material you were supposed to have gone through previous to the meeting, isn’t that great ...

02 Oct

Video: Make templates for saying no

Datum: 2022-10-02 10:51

Sometimes at work, you need to say no. It can be hard - at least in the moment. Here is a tool that makes it a lot easier.

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