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19 Mar

Start in the middle

Datum: 2024-03-19 09:45

When we are about to do something new, something neither we nor our colleagues have done before, it can be hard to know ...

11 Mar

Podcast: Done! No. 590 - Pick up the phone - but, then…

Datum: 2024-03-11 08:45

When you document all the decisions you make while collaborating through email, chat and meetings, how do you make sure every colleague notices what you agreed on in a random quick phone call?

Today's episode of Done! - No. 590 - is about ...

07 Mar

Let the inadequacy be a clue to your next step

Datum: 2024-03-07 09:33

I do not know what it was like for you, but I returned to work with mixed feelings after my Christmas holiday. Since I had been away from work for ...

04 Mar

Reflecting makes us more likely to succeed

Datum: 2024-03-04 10:45

There is a time for working, and then there is a time for reflecting on the work we do. Judging by what was being shown in a study led by Francesca Gino at Harvard Business School, it is well worth ...

28 Feb

Simply solve something small

Datum: 2024-02-28 08:34

Are only the more extensive structural improvements worth your time and trouble? By this I mean ...

19 Feb

How structure becomes a facilitator rather than an inhibitor

Datum: 2024-02-19 08:10

I have always died a little on the inside when hearing words such as ‘structure’, ‘order’ and ‘routines’”, wrote a reader of my book on structure last week. I perceive this to be a rather common perspective on the subject in question. Perhaps it has to do with ...

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