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25 Jan

Datum: 2021-01-25 12:24

When I am on the phone or in a meeting, I prefer to take notes on paper. If I use pen and paper, I know that I will not get distracted by notifications, emails and other things while writing.

I then add the essential things from my conversation on the Evernote card for the assignment we have discussed so that I keep all data about all assignments in one single place.

But still, I do not want to throw the original note away, since my doodles from the meeting carry information that cannot be described in words.

Here, I explain how I get to keep my metaphorical cake and eat it too.

19 Aug

Back again!

Datum: 2019-08-19 09:34

As of today, 19 August, I am back at full speed at work after an eight weeks long summer vacation. Here is ...

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