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03 Oct

Work where you work best

Date: 2012-10-03 12:00 Comments: 0 st

Since not all the things we need to do can be done just anywhere, it can be smart to categorize the to-do-tasks by the particular context we need to be in to be able to do them.

By “context” I am referring to in what location, at what time during the day/ the week/ the month, or under what circumstances we can perform the task easiest.

And then when we are in certain context, we can allow our to-do-tasks-tool to only display the tasks we are able to do where we are at the moment. 

With new contexts come new possibilities

But the contexts that you have and use at present might not be the most optimal contexts you could have.

You might get more done and in more efficient ways if you created contexts that enhance and bring out your abilities and capabilities to a greater extent. If you alter the conditions to be more favorable to your particular needs, it will be easier to do what you need to do.

And surely you would want to make the completing of tasks as easy and smooth as possible, right?

Do this

  1. Take a moment to think about where you work the best and with greatest efficiency.
    It can be in a place, at a certain point during the day, or under certain conditions.

    It could for instance be:
    • Where the surrounding environment is a little calmer
    • Where you can make phone-calls undisturbed
    • Where you can focus
    • Where the tempo is high
    • Where you feel more inspired
    • Where you feel you can solve problems easier
    • Where you get more ideas
    • Where you can communicate with your colleagues easier
    • Where you come closer to the client
    • Where the internet–connection is faster
    • Where there is a better view
    • Where you feel more free
    • Where there is more space
    • Where you tend to get more done in less time, that is, where you work the fastest
    • Where you with ease can keep working continuously without feeling the need to take too many breaks
    • Where you get inspired
    • Where you feel as good as you possibly can while working

  3. Think about what locations and contexts you are working in today.
  4. Do your current places and contexts have the qualities of the preferred and most efficient locations you just listed?
  5. If they do not, think about where, when and how you would want to work from time to time in order to make the most use of your latent capabilities that need a particular context to flourish.

    For example:

    • Could you sit at your client’s office a day every week or so?
    • Can you work at your other office a little more often than you are doing today?
    • Could you get another desk for your office, a desk or table that is always empty so that you quickly and with ease can spread out your material?
    • Could you close the door and make yourself unavailable a few set hours every week?
    • Can you reserve the conference-space on the top floor once in a while when you need to work a little more visionary with your colleagues?
    • Could you make a habit out of taking a walk after lunch so that you get space to think through the issues you normally do not have the peace of mind to contemplate?

  7. Determine what could be the first, small step you could take right now, within the next hour or so, in order to create the context or contexts you are missing.
  8. Take this first step.
  9. Define the next step, take it and continue doing this.

Environments chosen with care give you more space to grow and develop

If you gradually create more favorable contexts for you to work in, you will get more done with less effort. Your work-days will be more comfortable and efficient since the environment you are in is more adapted to your particular needs, preferences and personality.

What would you suggest?

What is your favorite context, that is, the place or the situation where you work with greatest ease and with greatest efficiency? Write a comment to let me know.

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