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Once a week, I share tips on how to create good structure and efficient work procedures for you and your colleagues.

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Pre­vi­ous editions

What the tips you receive look like? Here are some select­ed examples:

No. 510: Do not leave the email in the inbox until the task is done

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No. 517: A new document gets old quickly

I'll have a look

No. 519: Hide self-view during digital meetings

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Some fre­quent themes

In this newslet­ter, I for instance write about:

  • what you can do to get the time you need for the tasks you do not auto­mat­i­cal­ly get time for
  • how you can use the apps in ser­vices like Microsoft 365 in a struc­tured way
  • what you can do to sim­pli­fy how you keep track of every­thing you must not forget
  • how you can make your work­load more rea­son­able when it’s just too much”
  • how you can han­dle all your infor­ma­tion inflows in a struc­tured way so that you escape get­ting overwhelmed

… and much, much more.