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30 Nov

What is the status of your structure?

Date: 2011-11-30 11:00 Comments: 0 st

Perform a check-up on the status of your personal structure today and make note of what improvements you need to make.

Now is a time as good as any to do so, so by all means, go right ahead, I am providing you with a reason to do it without further ado.


Well, if you improve your personal structure you will quite simply have a better overview of your life and have more time over for other, more important things.

Do this

Ask yourself and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have one single place where you write down and keep all the things you need to do, and thereby avoid having to remember it all?
    • If not, get yourself a to-do-list.
  2. Is it easy for you to get an instantaneous overview of all your on-going projects, such as your areas of responsibility or the most important changes occurring in your business in the coming six months?

    • If not, create a project overview including your more extensive engagements and what the next step for each one of these is.
  3. Do you find the documents you need immediately, regardless if they are digital or physical documents?

    • If not, look into how you store your reference-material (which you know you will need at some point, but not specifically when).
  4. Could you, right at this moment, easily update yourself on all the things you are waiting for from others, regardless if they are clients, coworkers, suppliers or partners?

    • If not, begin to write down all the things you are waiting for from others today and keep this list updated.
  5. What is your physical workspace like, what is it like at your desk? Do you have an adequate but not excessive amount of items lying on your desk and hanging on the walls, so that you aren’t distracted by what you do not need at the moment?

    • If you are surrounded by too many “to-do-notes”, clean things up and create a tickler-file so that what you need emerges automatically when you need it from now on.
  6. Do you have a particular place where you note those brilliant ideas you aspire to carry out at some point, but aren’t certain of when?

    • If you do not have such a place, I sincerely recommend you to create a list (or a section in your to-do-list) listing all the tasks or ideas you perhaps might wish to do at some point. Make a note of them in the list, without feeling obligated to complete them – it is a risk-free way to keep them and you will not lose them.
  7. What is on your mind right now? Are things and tasks you don’t want to let yourself forget spinning though your mind or do you find it effortless to concentrate on whatever you wish to focus on at the moment? Perhaps you have a to-do-list, a project-overview and a “sometime/ maybe”-list, but be careful to keep them updated so that they are complete at all times.

    • If you continue trying to remember and keep a few things in your head in spite of these aids, you will not experience the benefits of reinforcing your personal structure and you will not believe that the above mentioned structural aids are actually helping you.


Better and better

Perform the control described above and you will soon find where you need and can make improvements regarding your personal structure. You will think of things to amend and improve upon, make the adjustments and experience a greater flow in your workday and that you have more free time when you are off work.

How do you manage?

Do you have a marvelous structural tool which still hasn’t been mentioned in Done!? Leave a comment to tell myself and other readers.

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