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16 May

Learn something new in less than 10 minutes

Datum: 2024-05-16 09:08

Do you also tend to forget things you have just learned? Someone shows you how to perform a task you have just been made responsible for and in that moment it is so obvious how to do it, but the first time you are about to perform it yourself ...

13 May

When the non-structure is the best structure

Datum: 2024-05-13 09:10

My acquaintance (and Done!-reader) Alexander Ehn gave me a tip about an article by the author Austin Kleon in which he argues for being unstructured. Kleon tells about ...

19 Mar

Start in the middle

Datum: 2024-03-19 09:45

When we are about to do something new, something neither we nor our colleagues have done before, it can be hard to know ...

30 Jan

Get interrupted without minding

Datum: 2024-01-30 08:34

We all need to work uninterrupted from time to time. When we have a difficult task before us it often requires ...

23 Oct

Everything needs to go - right?

Datum: 2023-10-23 13:14

The one who wants to work with full concentration and focus on the task that really needs to get done right now will do best to rid themselves of ...

12 Oct

Three tips of efficiency from the kitchen

Datum: 2023-10-12 09:00

I listened to an interesting program on the NPR, the US public service radio, about efficiency in restaurant kitchens. In a brief reportage ...

03 Oct

Make the days until deadline look alike

Datum: 2023-10-03 08:00

A while back I wrote about how we can make it easier to get going with tasks if we set a due date that appears closer to, and more ”alike”, the present moment by ...

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