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At Stiernholm Consulting, we strongly believe that good structure strengthens productivity. This applies to us as individuals as well as for our organizations. Here, David Stiernholm, Struktör, shares his concrete tips on how to visualize, simplify and get more time for what is important.

13 Oct

How to make sure you come prepared to the meeting

Datum: 2022-10-13 11:00

Arriving at a meeting out of breath and painfully aware that you have not had the time to read the material you were supposed to have gone through previous to the meeting, isn’t that great ...

02 Oct

Video: Make templates for saying no

Datum: 2022-10-02 10:51

Sometimes at work, you need to say no. It can be hard - at least in the moment. Here is a tool that makes it a lot easier.

22 Sep

Thank you, Cargotec!

Datum: 2022-09-22 15:33

This Tuesday, I visited Cargotec's, the multinational crane and truck manufacturer, wellbeing week to share a handful practical tips on structure that help us keep healthy and ...

01 Sep

Thank you, Chalmers!

Datum: 2022-09-01 14:34

Last week, I gave a talk to the department for Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE) at Chalmers University of Technology, as part of the start up meeting of ...

22 Aug

Sift out, wash out

Datum: 2022-08-22 07:00

When the holiday is over and a new season begins, and we do not want to sucked into the business aimlessly and rush here and there depending on what comes up that we have to deal with, but rather ...

21 Aug

This was my summer

Datum: 2022-08-21 20:20

What did I find in the attic of my parental home that gave a hint of my future profession? What do the hot pretzels in NYC taste like?

20 Jun

The only thing I want to give you before vacation

Datum: 2022-06-20 11:00

The year’s first six months are coming to an end, and for many of us it is soon time for some kind of vacation. Regardless of the length of our time off we will sooner or later ...

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