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Digital to-do list tools

What digital to-do list tool I would recommend you to use, depends basically on your IT infrastructure - such as what email application you use, what kind of phone you have et c.

If you email in Outlook as an installed client on your Windows computer

  • I find that Outlook Tasks is a really good tool for our to-do lists - especially if we design the views we need and get rid of all redundant columns.

To sync your tasks to your phone, I would suggest:

If you use Microsoft Office 365 online

If you email in Gmail, in Lotus Notes or in some webmail service

  • Todoist is a web service with all the features that we could possibly need, and in a clean and distraction free interface at that. It comes with an app for iOS as well as for Android.
  • If you want something more colorful, Wunderlist(as mentioned above), is an equivalent alternative.

If you are a Mac (OS X) user

  • Things has what we need from a to-do list tool and nothing more. It is seldom updated, but on the other hand it is stable and trustworthy.

Other alternatives

  • Trello is a digital kanban board that could be your new favorite tool if you prefer notes on a board before tasks in a list.
  • In To Round, what we have to do is visualised as circles instead of rows and boxes.

So, what would be your choice of tool?

David Stiernholm

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