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Talk "How to have enough time"

Do you feel in control of all the important things you need to get done? Do you have enough time?

This talk is for anyone who wants to have enough time for everything they need to do - both at work and in their private lives. It is not easy, but it will become easier if we ask ourselves: WHAT do I need to have time for? What really matters - and what can wait? Can I do fewer things, and do them quicker? Yes, you can.

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In this talk, I will show you HOW to take control of your time, your life and your sense of inadequacy with hands-on tips and tools. After the talk, you will know:

  • what you want to have enough time for
  • how to ensure that you have enough time
  • when enough is enough!
  • how you direct, delegate, or choose not to do certain tasks
  • how rarely an email actually requires an immediate response
  • how you reduce the risk of a premature death

The talk is perfect for kickoff meetings, conferences for the staff or management, or for industry gatherings.

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I am interested. Send me a quote!

Prior to the lecture, you can purchase my book on structure, “Super Structured - how to overcome chaos and win back time“, for all the participants. The book provides you with hands-on guidance and a 30-day program on how to become more structured.


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