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Read what a selection of my customers say about working with me.

"...out of all the speakers who have been with us, you are the one who has specifically given us the most tools and value, which was evident in the evening's discussions. You are really good and I like your style of lecturing, interacting with the audience through both humor and quick-witted follow-up questions!"

Pierre Lindmark, CEO & Founder, Winningtemp

“We invited David to talk about how to get super structured in a session for all our colleagues worldwide. David shared great tips and gave concrete examples of tools and ways to become more structured in your daily work. The talk was very inspirational and made you excited about trying out new ways of working. Booking the session and getting in touch with David has also been very easy, which I highly appreciate. Thank you for an excellent session and great collaboration!”

Hanna Björkestam, HR-Specialist, Hiab (Cargotec)

"David was funny, engaging and insightful! The whole lecture was evenly paced and had relatable anecdotes that drove his points home for everyone to understand. He even recommended tools that most weren’t aware of before his talk! Overall it was refreshing to listen to his perspective on structure, and give concrete tips that we’re already able to put into use. Thank you David!"

Rebecka Svennerstedt, Hr Business Partner, Massive Entertainment

"Thank you very much, David, for both a very inspiring but equally informative lecture!

I have rarely seen practically all colleagues start working according to your methods and tips. Exactly the energy boost and smarter work methods we needed, as several of us, to be honest, were under high levels of stress."

Niklas Lindell, CEO, KGK Motor

"I met David seven years ago and his tips on inbox zero and task management have really defined my workdays since then. Given this, it was natural to invite him to my current organization - the Chamber of Commerce of Central Sweden - in 2023.

And he delivered once again. My colleagues with varying levels of structure all took away both inspiration and actual tools that have already changed their work(life) after just two weeks.

'Entertaining, knowledgeable, rhetorical, and structured' were some of the superlatives that still echo here in Gävle."

Marie Barrling, Marketing and Communication Manager, Chamber of Commerce of Central Sweden

"David has in an inspiring way filled with humor given us new skills and knowledge which are of immediate use and directly applicable to all of us who spend our days in offices since it is of utmost importance that we keep all our tools and materials organized, to which David now has contributed greatly. At the Swedish Transport Agency we are going to remodel our facilities in Norrköping into activity-based environments, and since it is quite an extensive shift which not only includes the physical changes but also the transference of our operations into the digital age, David’s contribution in terms of tips, advice and knowledge as to how we can make this shift successfully, have been invaluable.

David not only knows what he is talking about - he is also inspiring and funny which both I myself and many of my coworkers have enjoyed greatly. If you haven’t had ”the David Experience”, you have something to look forward to! ”

Anders Ericson, HR / Change manager, the Swedish Transport Agency

”After having listened to the super-struktör David Stiernholm, you both feel a sense of calm as well as inspired to get going with your own structure! Through fun examples David provides tips and concrete advice regarding how you can make your everyday life easier, get more done and use your time at work more efficiently.”

Kristina Tejre, HR-specialist, Sigtuna Municipality

”David is incredibly inspiring, knowledgeable and has the ability to provide concrete tips and advice on how to use your working hours more efficiently and thereby make life easier for yourself. The tips are handson, clear and concern how to work more efficiently with smarter working methods. Personally I have taken several tips on new tools and how to use them to heart, and found these very useful in my work. I sincerely recommend you to book David at Stiernholm Consulting for a personal coaching session in order to get advice and tools that are individually adapted to you and your situation. This has been most valuable to me - thank you! .”

Jeanette Karlsson, Policy & Market Access Manager, Roche AB

”Thank you for an engaging and comprehensive talk! With a great sense of humor and in easily understandable terms, David shows how we can structure our daily work in the best possible way! Everyone left the talk with thought provoking tips and many concrete tools to work with once they got back to work. David is highly competent and has a stage presence with a personal energy that is contagious. 90 minutes fly by, we would gladly have sat there for much longer - but everyone left more than satisfied!”

Maria Linghammar, The Physiological Clinic at the University Hospital in Linköping

”Spot on, David! The level of recognition was high in the audience and the many laughs liberating! We are all in the same boat where we constantly have to put our structured intentions on hold as incoming emails, phone calls, chats and colleagues knocking on the door interrupt us - and the plan for how we wanted our day to play out goes down the drain… We highly appreciated the easygoing tone and the nice ”packaging” of the important subject of ”structure”, as well as the clear, concrete tips you provided us with.”

Carola Lissel, CEO, Visma Software AB

”The best lecture I’ve heard in a long time! Thank you for successfully changing the idea most of us regular mortals who are prone to chaos have of structure. You transformed it from being something dry and unreachable to manageable and sensible - and you made us laugh while doing it. Impressive!”

Frida Nilsson, Editorial Director,

"We booked a lecture with David for our conference and I can honestly recommend him for anyone who is in need of a fun, interesting and easy going lecture that gives food for thought!”

Frida Gråsjö, Manager at the Department for Student- and Management service, Karlstad University

”Inspiring, fun, practical and useful!”

Nicklas Gränsmarker, Lawyer/Partner, Rosengrens Advokatbyrå i Göteborg AB

”Emptying the inbox was a surprisingly effective reducer of stress. I had A SINGLE EMAIL visible when leaving the office.”

”He was speaking from his own experiences which felt authentic and I think many people recognized themselves in what he was sharing.”

”Funny, well done and I am looking forward to next time!”
From participants attending a lecture for the County Administrative Board of Gävleborg, through Veronica Lauritzen, County Director

”Before David came and held his course for our teacher staff he asked questions about the group, about what was typical for our workdays and what motivated us to work with improving our structure. During the course he delivered his material in a very entertaining and motivating way with everything from broader principles to concrete tips. The content felt well-adapted to our organization and everyone participating took specific improvements they were going to implement in their work from the course. We are very satisfied!”

Emma Kritzberg, Senior lecturer, Department of Biology, Lund University

”I don’t think 90 minutes ever passed that quickly before! That was one of the many positive remarks our organization got after having David with us to give his both entertaining and important lecture. To have that many concrete and immediately applicable tips for increasing your efficiency and reducing stress in such a short time-span is worth a lot to our company and to my colleagues!”

Nicklas Halleröd, HR-specialist, The City Executive Office, City of Gothenburg

”We enjoyed a full day with David which was divided into a lecture for the whole assembly and then smaller workshops in groups. It has now been a few weeks since our day with David and I have already gotten a full return on my investment in the time I save from being a whole lot more organized. The tips we got were simple and easy to implement in my work in just a few minutes. The lecture was fun with many points of recognition, and we highly recommend David’s lectures to others who want to simplify their everyday lives, save time and reduce stress!”

Martina Gawell, Human Resources Manager, Faiveley Transport Nordic AB

”A big thank you for your highly professional presentation last Monday. It was much appreciated: nicely done, colorful, entertaining, educating, and even adapted to our company in terms of the terminology and imagery chosen. Me and my colleagues all got many good and simple tips for smarter ways of working which we will definitely try out. Most, including myself and my office roommate, have already made several changes: we have cleaned our desks and are trying Outlook instead of writing a bunch of PostIts to remember things. It was a lecture that really moved us, and which has resulted in many conversations about what changes we could make, new working methods and where we are stuck. Thank you!”

Cecilia Colleen Gabrielsson, Communications Officer, The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency

”Really good lecturer who manages to make quite a boring subject into something quite fun. Many enthusiastic co-workers left the lecture with new input and energy to start structuring their work. Quite a few of us have already started structuring our email and desks which feels wonderful. Would love to continue working with you, David.”

Sofia Wingård, Staff specialist, Finansinspektionen

”Your lecture was very interesting and we decided to implement your tips on celebrating our progress right away. We will continue doing so too - thank you for your help and inspiration to move our 5 S-project forward.”

Annika Ramme, Team Administrator, Posten Meddelande AB

”Thank you for an informative and wonderfully inspiring lecture on structure. I had expected a dull lecture with tiresome pointers that we’ve all heard before but which rarely works. Instead I went home with my head full of concrete tips and inspiration(!) regarding how to make my work more enjoyable.”

Anna Gordh Humlesjö, Entrepreneur, Sveriges Akademiska Coacher

”A really sharp lecturer should, according to me, have four main qualities. One - a deep knowledge on his subject where no questions are too difficult. Two - a body language on stage and enthusiasm that really makes the audience sit on the edge of their seat, waiting for the next word. Three - an ability to not only inspire, but also truly inspire the listener into action. And four - be an amiable person who is easy to work with. David gets 5 out of 5 on all of the above. Except for the last one… there he gets a 6 out of 5.”

Gustaf Oscarson, Entrepreneur and Author

”Once a year we arrange a full day of inspiration for our coworkers. Since we are only about 100 people working with quite different assignments it is a challenge finding a subject that can inspire everyone. David really succeed in doing so, and the great majority of the employees found valuable ideas and tips that they could use to structure and organize their work. The best part was how he delivered his know-how with humor and humility without stern pointers. And now, since all colleagues have gotten the same tips on structure, we can all help, remind and support each other when the old routines attack again!”

Birgit Skoog, CEO Business Support, City of Gothenburg Intraservice

”Thank you for a very inspiring day. I will recommend this course to some of my closest associates and colleagues!”

Ylva Sundkvist, Division Manager, the Division of Diagnostics, Norrbotten County Council

”One of the best lectures I have attended.”

Birgitta Olsson, Managing Director, Torso Innovation

”To do a full day of lectures and workshops without losing me and my focus is quite extraordinary - from the vantage point of a lecturer. Impressive structure of the course and full-on energy throughout the whole day.”

Olof Johansson, Consultant Manager, Manpower Professional

”There is something magical about his lecture… and the magic lies in that when you get back to your office and desk, you actually put his words into action :). It is wonderful listening to such an enthusiastic lecturer such as David.”

Silvana Pavasovic, Economist, City of Gothenburg

“Hi David,

I just want to give you some feedback in the simplest way possible on how your tips work for me in reality. I have “forced” myself to seriously test both the tickler file and the new usage of Outlook and today, after a couple of months, I can only conclude that it works very well.

• I forget fewer things
• I know immediately where I should store my documents in anticipation of the “right” time when I need them
• I have established an enjoyable flow in a normally very hectic workday

In particular, making todos or better yet calendar events directly from e-mail is very efficient. I even schedule time in my calendar for time working alone.

In short: Your course is probably the best training investment I have made for myself in a very long time!

Many thanks and good luck in the future.”

Peter Carlstedt, Mayor, Kramfors Municipality

”David conducted an inspiring lecture at our company and when the opportunity to meet in one-to-one sessions arose, I was the first to sign up.

During my workweek I work from three different sites and it is a challenge making sure I have the right thing in the right location at the right time. It felt both fun and almost indulgent to reflect on how my work can be made easier and more structured with David one-on-one. With a great sense of humor and humility, David guided me so that I soon identified possibilities of simplifying my situation. I also got tips regarding and the opportunity to try a number of new tools which have been very helpful.

Now, a few months after we finished our sessions, my desk is still free from clutter when I arrive in the morning and when I leave in the evening - a wonderful feeling which I had never even dreamed of or dared hope for a few months ago.”
Katarina Hjernestam, Principal, Gothenburg’s Vocational University

About “Individual sessions in personal productivity”:

”We hired David since I wanted to get organized and have better structure at work, and with it learn to become more efficient, since I do so many different things.

I really got what I asked for: structure. I no longer feel stressed like I used to. I have even learned to empty my ”head” using all the tools available on my computer. Thanks Notes!”
Anna-Maria Zachs, Office Administrator, Norstedts Juridik AB

”I hired David Stiernholm to improve the structure of our administration. The result was decreased costs for staff since the new and improved structure does part of the work by itself. Personally I have freed up more of my time and also feel more relaxed since I know that things no longer get forgotten or unintentionally missed. 

The administrative part of our business has become a whole lot easier - and more fun!”

I highly recommend Stiernholm Consulting.”
Christina Lindhe, CEO, Röstkonsult Christina Lindhe AB

About “Intensive course in personal productivity”:

“When I first got to meet David he was already known to me by his excellent reputation as a consultant in helping new entrepreneurs in their startups. And even with my high expactation David managed to step even higher. He is a truly genuine educator with his interest to make that little extra action, which can make all the different for others.”

Maria Gustafsson, Course Manager, Drivhuset

“David has a great clarity in what he does. He not only talks about what he does, he lives as he teaches. For me, it creates credibility. In the year I met David, he has always impressed me with his clarity.”
Jan Lindblom, Regional Director, BNI

“I strongly recommend David for any assignment regarding creating a more effective structure in life, personal as well as professional. David’s work is based on David Allen’s GTD methodology, which in my opinion is one of the best way of creating and maintaining an efficient work place.”

Ola Rynge, CEO, The Rynge Group