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28 Sep

Your to-do list is there to help your future self

Datum: 2023-09-28 14:35
An old man gives a young boy a list on a sheet of paper - all in the evening sun.

When you write down the tasks on your to-do list, make it as easy as pos­si­ble for you to lat­er under­stand what you meant.

  • Write in detail. 
  • Use com­plete sentences. 
  • Name things by their prop­er names. 
  • Only use abbre­vi­a­tions you’ve used for a long time (instead of com­ing up with some­thing clever’ on the spot). 

It takes a lit­tle bit longer than just jot­ting some­thing down’.

But, it’s worth the hassle.

Don’t you want to show care for your­self — the per­son you’ll be tomorrow?

Be even kinder to yourself

... and make an extra effort to enhance the structure in how you work, through my award winning book "Super Structured: How to overcome chaos and win back time".

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