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25 Sep

Podcast: Done! No. 568 - Why you should dam the brook rather than the river

Datum: 2023-09-25 08:45
An aerial view of a deep blue brook through a pine forest.

If you get too much” or too many” of some­thing, that is a sign that your struc­ture at work is begin­ning to fail.

In Done! episode No. 568, you will learn how to put a stop to the neg­a­tive trend early.

What have you tak­en hold of and slowed down when it comes to your struc­ture before it became too much? How did you dam? Please tell me. All ideas on how we can get bet­ter con­trol of our work sit­u­a­tion are warm­ly wel­comed by me. You who fol­low me here and on oth­er social media know that I share them freely so that many more than me can ben­e­fit from them. Thank you for con­tribut­ing to that.

Also, I wrote a short post about why things take longer to com­plete the lat­er we start.

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