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31 Dec

Year-ends and me

Date: 2010-12-31 10:18 Comments: 1 st

Today, this year ends and tomorrow begins a new.

When my tempo is high in work periods during the year, I like to clarify and define my projects and next steps in detail. When I am on holiday (like right now), I prefer to relax also from that. These days, I vegetate and all the impressions that have been whirling around all autumn sink to the bottom and the sight is clear.

Year-ends fascinates me. They are a human construction and at the same time, it seems to me natural to once a year look backwards and forwards in a truly larger perspective.

Last year, I formulated three key words for me and my business in 2010. I have had the keywords visible up on my office wall all year and I have often been reminded of them. They have helped me decide what is important and what I should aim for. They have been so valuable to me that I want to make three new words, for 2011.

I know that during our New Year celebration party tonight, we will discuss the upcoming year and I think that even more will become evident to me then, so I do not want to nail the three words now.

But, I have a hunch that they will be about focusing, removing, discarding, delegating and specializing.

I will return in this matter.

Until then I wish you and all the other The Structure blog readers a happy new year!


Martin Lindeskog

Martin Lindeskog writes:

#1 - 2011-01-17, 12:36


I will stick to my three keywords (thingies, opportunities, plucking) I used in 2010. I have written about them in my post, 1/1/11.

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