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21 Dec


Date: 2010-12-21 09:42 Comments: 0 st

We are approaching one of the times during the year when most of us take a longer continuous break. It might as well be the summer vacation, but right now it’s the Christmas holiday.?? During these breaks, a natural pause occurs and we stop to digest everything we’ve done recently.

Take this opportunity to focus and aim

Once we’re back at work again, it’s the perfect time to do a real takeoff to start off the intensive work that lie ahead of us, until it’s time for the next break. When we’re in the middle of two vacations, it’s easy to focus on working only with the details. It can be difficult to put things in perspective when there are so many things we need to get done.??So, take the chance to establish a clear direction for the coming six months to summer, when you’re back at work after New Years.

Do this

  1. Book one or a few hours to be alone with yourself in during the first day back at work after the vacation right away.
  2. During this time, study the vision you have previously created and aimed at. Perhaps it’s about the business you run, perhaps it’s related to where you want to go in your professional life. Think about whether you still really want to achieve this vision or if you would rather do something else. Would you like to refine and adjust it in some way? Are you on the right track or is the business heading in a different direction? What do you need to do the next six months to be able to move in the direction you’ve chosen?
  3. Also make it clear to yourself what targets, goals, key figures or milestones that determine what is important in the next six months. It’s only when you know what you’re aiming at and how you envision the path to getting there, that you can prioritize correctly amongst everything you have to do and everything that shows up unexpectedly.
  4. Take a minute to think about what major projects or initiatives you’ll need to run in the next six months in order for your business to attain the long term vision. If they’re not already on your project overview, make a note of them there and define the first concrete step for each of these newcomers.
  5. Reflect upon the six months that passed and how you’ve worked. If you would change something with regards to your personal structure and do something differently in the next six months, what would it be???It could be about:
    • how you store all the material you do not know when you might need, but you want to be able to find as quickly as possible without looking for it once you need it.
    • how you fragmentize your to-dos and illustrate them concretely, or how you store them so that you have them in one and one place only, and therefore easily can get an overview of what they are and can prioritize with ease among them.
    • how you work with your e-mails, for example how to continue to work more actively to ensure that the subject line is modified and updated even in long e-mail conversations, so that the subject line really describes what the e-mail is about.
    • how you store those e-mails you want to keep, in the same location as the other digital documents related to the same project, client or subject.
    • how you once a week do a thorough run-through to get a good view of where you’re standing right now, how far you have come, what you have to do, what material you’ve got and what items you have floating in the air.
    • how you in your agenda reserve time for you to work with any tasks that need to be completed before a certain deadline.
  6. Also reflect upon the business you work in. What would you like to do differently in the next six months, compared with the recently passed six months?

Make it tangible and prepare to shoot

If you decide to make a change, make it tangible by creating to-do tasks, agenda appointments, checklists, reminders or something else, so it doesn’t just remain a good idea. Make it easy for you to get to it and make the changes you envision and want right now.?

How do you start off?

How do you do to get a good start on the coming six month-period?

Feel free to leave a comment below!

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