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17 Jan

Now I'm done thinking

Date: 2011-01-17 09:36 Comments: 0 st

Now I’ve chosen my words for 2011.

It took a few days for the words to fall into place this year (and perhaps they still haven’t settled in just yet).
But, here they are at long last. Stiernholm Consulting will under the year of 2011 be characterized by:

  • Concentration - It keeps getting clearer to me how essential it is for me to be able to concentrate in order to get a lot done and enjoy myself in the meantime. For me, concentration is strongly connected with prioritizing. I work as concentrated as possible when I am certain of that what I am doing right now is the right thing to do right now, and everything else is put on hold. During 2011 I am more than careful with what I prioritize, so that I have time for the not so urgent, but still important, tasks.
  • Less - Few things stimulate my inspiration more right now than empty spaces, few distractions and a minimal amount of ballast. I enjoy removing things, sounds and things to remember. During 2011 I trow away, close down, turn off, empty out, clean away – and get more space in return for anything I want to focus on right now.
  • Simplify – Last year was a year of strong acceleration. To keep accelerating in a sustainable way, the business’ processes need to be simplified, especially the details. During 2011 I ask myself as often as I can remember to do so; “How can we make this easier?” and “Does this really need to be done, or can we find a shortcut?”.

This will be exciting.

How it turns out will reveal itself in the words I choose for 2012.

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