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15 Dec

Video: Find out how quickly you are expected to respond to email, chat and texts

Datum: 2022-12-15 11:45

How quick­ly should you reply to email?

Well, opin­ions dif­fer on that, but is there real­ly an estab­lished praxis?

When the expect­ed response time is unclear, many of us feel con­stant­ly stressed by email. It is nag­ging you and wait for you to give it your focus — all the time.

But, PR agency Idea Grove come up with a smart solu­tion. I’ll explain!

Have you done some­thing sim­i­lar? Tell me!

(Here is the arti­cle where I first read about this.)

Two hands are holding a cellphone. Above the phone, an email icon hovers. Attached to the icon is a red label indicating the number one.

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