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19 Dec

Podcast: Done! No. 540 - Become less tired by disconnecting

Datum: 2022-12-19 08:45
A suited right arm shuts off the light switch on a white wall.

To recov­er and get the well deserved rest when you are free, you need to men­tal­ly dis­con­nect from work, accord­ing to a study by Ben­nett and Field.

In this last episode for 2022, the 540th, I share four prac­ti­cal ways to do just that.

What are your tricks for dis­con­nect­ing from work eas­i­ly when you are off? Let me know. Write to me, because I want more tips on just that (as well as on many oth­er things). I may well share it with oth­ers who would also ben­e­fit from hear­ing them — with your per­mis­sion, of course.

In the begin­ning of the episode, I men­tion this blog­post about solv­ing tomor­row’s prob­lem with struc­ture today.

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