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15 Dec

Thank you, Swedish Public Employment Office!

Datum: 2022-12-15 11:33

A talk about struc­ture in your meet­ing — is that real­ly a good idea?

I mean, isn’t struc­ture” a very bor­ing, square and unin­spir­ing subject?

Well, make your own judge­ment from this short peek into the talk I gave to Swedish Pub­lic Employ­ment Ser­vice last week.

I got to meet a gen­er­ous and fun group of employ­ees from the HR depart­ment and I felt that we had a great time togeth­er! Apart from all the fun, I also shared prac­ti­cal and con­crete struc­ture tools and meth­ods that help us all make our work­days less stressful.

Thank you, Sara Ohlin, Anna Gun­der­s­son and Swedish Pub­lic Employ­ment Office for invit­ing me! It was a plea­sure to give this talk to you!

For you, too?

Do you also want to laugh this much during your kickoff meeting and get practical tips on structure at work that makes your workday less stressful - contact me and I will tell you more how we could set that up!

Send me an offer, please