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19 Dec

The Isolator – when nothing else works

Date: 2011-12-19 23:43 Comments: 0 st

You might think that the problems arising from distractions, disruptions, disturbing sounds and other things that makes it difficult to concentrate are products of the 21st century´s communication-intense way of doing business.

But were things really calmer, slower and more pleasant back in the day?

Apparently not.

In 1925, the publicist Hugo Gernsback invented “The Isolator” – a hood which shuts out all other stimuli than the particular task you wish to focus on at the moment. The downside of the invention was that in spite of shutting disturbances out, it did not let any oxygen in, a problem solved by that Gernsback incorporated a tube and an oxygen-mask into the hood.

Does it sound like something you would want to use?

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