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19 Jun

Podcast: Done! No. 562 - Learn something new with the Feynman method

Datum: 2023-06-19 08:45

Our world is chang­ing rapid­ly — seem­ing­ly more now than ever. If you don’t want to be left behind, you need to learn new things. But how? When, there’s so much work to be done?

In this last episode of Done! before the sum­mer break, I share a great trick for learn­ing from fas­ci­nat­ing physi­cist Richard Feynman.

Do you have anoth­er learn­ing method that you like to use? If so, write to me and tell me about it, because, as you know, I am always eager to learn more — includ­ing how to learn more!

Done! and I are now both going on vaca­tion (start­ing with Mid­sum­mer, that is) and will be back on Mon­day, August 21st. Have a great summer!

Request a quote from me for a talk on struc­ture at work for your August kick­off event.

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