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29 May

Podcast: Done! No. 559 - How new calendar features help you use your time correctly

Datum: 2023-05-29 08:45
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How much time do you spend in meet­ings? How much focus time do you get?

This week, Done! No. 559 is about some fea­tures from Google and from Microsoft that can assist you in hav­ing the work­weeks you want.

If you have tried these insights — what have you learned about how you have been work­ing? What changes have you made after get­ting a bet­ter pic­ture of how your time is dis­trib­uted? Write to me and tell me. As you can see, I’m an inquis­i­tive per­son and I’m always look­ing for more ideas on tricks to help us at work — every day.

Have you heard about PR agency Idea Grove’s smart solu­tion to unclear response times in email?

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