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20 Mar

Podcast: Done! No. 551 - The three main ways AI has saved me time so far

Datum: 2023-03-20 08:45
Hands of a suited business man in a dark setting. His left index finger touches a smartphone in his right hand. A yellow/red flash lights up. As an overlay - the acronym AI and a number of random symbols.

A myr­i­ad of new AI tools are emerg­ing rapid­ly now.

In this week’s Done! No. 551, I share three tools that saves me hours every week. 

    The tools I men­tion are:

    How about you?

    Have you found any oth­er AI ser­vices that I have not men­tioned here that have saved you work and time? Write me and let me know. I wrote this text last Tues­day, and before it reached your eyes, it is pos­si­ble that much more has emerged that would fit in this trio. I will write about them anoth­er time!

    The inter­est­ing study I men­tion ear­ly in the episode points to that con­crete goals make you hap­pi­er.

    Green, probably old, somewhat beat up, american style letterbox.

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