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27 Mar

Podcast: Done! No. 552 - Four ways to keep email and chat apart

Datum: 2023-03-27 08:45
A man leans his left hand on a laptop keyboard while holding his smartphone in his right hand. From the phone, numerous notifications in a variety of colors pops up!

Have you noticed that email and chat often gets jum­bled together?

You end up with the same con­ver­sa­tion spread out in many places simul­ta­ne­ous­ly. You need to spend valu­able time look­ing for where some­one wrote what.

In episode No. 552 of Done!, I share four ways to pre­vent this from happening.

In fact, is the line between chat and email already clear to you and your col­leagues? Great! What have you done to draw the line? Tell me, because I want more exam­ples of what can help us sep­a­rate the two.

In the episode, I promised to share five alter­na­tive ways to keep track of your dead­lines.

Silver haired woman in black rimmed glasses reads something interesting on her phone while sitting at her laptop in a light kitchen. She wears a green shirt.

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