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07 Nov

Podcast: Done! No. 534 - Find out how quickly you are expected to respond

Datum: 2022-11-07 08:45
A red haired woman in dark blue top scrolling through the chat on her phone.

How quick­ly do you have to respond to emails, chat mes­sages and oth­er com­mu­ni­ca­tion? Well, it depends.

In this episode, the 534th, I share what you can do to make your work­days less fragmented.

What chan­nel fre­quen­cies” did you agree on? Write to me and let me know. This ques­tion inter­ests me right now, so I’m curi­ous to hear what you and your col­leagues came up with.

Young woman in a black t-shirt and a barista apron stands by a café window and reads a newsletter on her phone.

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I want to try it!