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28 Oct

Video: Escape regretting a "yes!"

Datum: 2022-10-28 09:17

I so regret say­ing yes!”

I have felt that dread­ful feel­ing before I am about to do some­thing more times than one. It was so easy to say yes, of course!” then, six months ago, when there were plen­ty of time left. But, now, it feels horrible.

But, I have a trick that lets you escape feel­ing that way again, that works for me. Maybe for you too!

Or, what do you do to not say yes to the wrong things? Tell me!

(When asked, it might be eas­i­er to say no” if you have made tem­plates for say­ing no.)

A young man is listening to something on his headphones, by a window facing the sea bathing in the sun.

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