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26 Sep

Podcast: Done! No. 528 - How to find out what you spend your time on

Datum: 2022-09-26 08:45
A hand holding a cellphone showing a white graph on blue background, in an office setting.

In Done! No. 528, I share a way for you to make sure that you spend your time at work wisely:

If you log your time, what have you found or real­ized that you have not seen before? Write to me and let me know. Maybe you will give me an idea of some­thing I should also look for that might help me.

In the begin­ning of the episode, I men­tion this blog­post about how to update your to-do list.

And, here is Tog­gl Track.

Close up of yellow mailbox with stickers on it.

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I want to try it!