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13 Jun

Podcast: Done! No. 521 - Become free to focus when you are not reading messages

Datum: 2022-06-13 08:45
Physician at a white desk checking his email on a laptop smiling

About six months ago or so (in Done! No. 500, to be spe­cif­ic), I addressed the issue of remem­ber­ing to read, respond to, or in some oth­er way acknowl­edge mes­sages you and I receive in an increas­ing num­ber of chan­nels. I am refer­ring to chat mes­sages, direct mes­sages, Linkedin mes­sages, mes­sages on oth­er social media plat­forms, SMS, and of course also emails.

The trick I described then that works very well for me is to do a metaphor­i­cal doctor’s round” which you take every morn­ing and dur­ing which you browse through all the dif­fer­ent chan­nels and deal with any new mes­sages you have received.

But what if you have a few chan­nels that need to be attend­ed to more often than once a day?

In this episode, the 521:st, I share how to set up recur­ring tasks in your to-do list to remem­ber to check these chan­nels at the right inter­val effortlessly. 

Have you solved this nui­sance in some oth­er way? If so, tell me how. As you might have guessed by now, I am always curi­ous to hear about new solu­tions and tricks.

Towards the begin­ning of this episode, I men­tion elec­tric motor­bike brand Cake. Check out their amaz­ing bikes, if you haven’t already:

The talk I gave was Get super struc­tured!” and I would hap­pi­ly give it at your next meet­ing. Ask me for an offer and I will send you one promptly!

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