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20 Jun

Podcast: Done! No. 522 - The counter-question that makes your meetings more efficient

Datum: 2022-06-20 08:45
Bored man leaning on a desk, looking at an open laptop, probably during a boring meeting.

Some­times there are just too many meet­ings. And, one have to ask: do you real­ly need to attend them all?

In this last episode for this sea­son, the 522nd, I share a ques­tion that will help you decide. 

How do you make sure you only par­tic­i­pate in mean­ing­ful meet­ings? Write to me and let me know. Hav­ing many meet­ings and hav­ing meet­ings often seems to be some­thing many have to deal with nowa­days, so I am very curi­ous to hear your ideas.

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