Talk: "Get super structured – and have more time for what really matters"

Is there a remedy for stress, overtime and working too much?

If you ask me, the answer is yes. In this talk on structure I will show you how organizing, focusing and automating will give you more time for what is important to you and your work.

This is what you will learn

Structure is neither difficult nor boring. After attending this talk with me, you will:

  • know how you should prioritize, structure and focus your work
  • be able to get more done in less time (and hence have more time for other, more important matters)
  • no longer need to be stressed over all the things you have to do
  • be at least one step closer to becoming and being more structured
  • want to get started immediately with simplifying your daily work

The talk is based on my award winning book "Super Structured: How to overcome chaos and win back time".

I combine refreshing thoughts and insights with practical suggestions and humor, and will provide you will plenty of concrete tips which you can begin applying immediately – both at work and in your daily life. You will soon notice how you are actually becoming more structured and efficient.

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