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03 Mar

Video: Arrive on time and get more help from others

Datum: 2021-03-03 10:41

If you are fre­quent­ly late for meet­ings you are less like­ly to receive help from your col­leagues when you need it, a study from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Nebras­ka shows.

This is why we all have every­thing to gain from doing what we can to be punc­tu­al and on time for our meet­ings — be them phys­i­cal or digital.

Here are five things you can do right now to more eas­i­ly suc­ceed with that.

(Speak­ing of meet­ings — here is how to get less tired from dig­i­tal meet­ings in Zoom, Teams et cetera.)

By the way, if you want more tips on how to cre­ate good struc­ture at work — here are many ways to get just that.