Sharper presentations with Pecha Kucha

Long, dull run-throughs. Unfocused meetings which repeatedly run over the set time-frame. Endless bullet-point lists in PowerPoint. Poorly prepared presentations in which the reasoning goes round in circles without getting to the point.

Does this sound familiar?

Learn Pecha Kucha®, a Japanese format for presentations, and make your meetings more efficient, sharper and focused. Showing 20 slides for 20 seconds each will breathe new life into yours and your colleagues’ presentations both externally and internally.

Choose between:

  • Inspirational talk, where you learn the basics of the Pecha Kucha®-format by being introduced to good examples from around the world.
  • Half-day workshop, where you get to create your very own sharp presentation and learn how you can implement the Pecha Kucha®-format in your organization. Template-files and a get-started-kit are included.

Speakers: Gothenburg’s Pecha Kucha® ambassador, Jesper Larsson, & the struktör David Stiernholm

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Jesper Larsson is Gothenburg’s ambassador för Pecha Kucha® and manages Double Happiness, a company striving to create win-win situations, such as Creators Inn, the world’s first free hotel for creators. 

David Stiernholm is a struktör. Every day he helps people and businesses become more efficient by creating better order and structure.

Watch David’s presentation at the Pecha Kucha Night in Gothenburg on August 10th 2010.

Pecha Kucha® is a registered trademark, copyright Klein Dytham architecture in Tokyo, that created the format and that manages the global coordination of Pecha Kucha®. Jesper Larsson is allowed by the owners to use the trademark in the capacity of ambassador.


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