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Make the right priorities easier by becoming more goal-oriented

What do you usually do first: that which is important or that which is urgent?

During this talk, David Stiernholm will teach you to prioritize the right tasks amongst everything you have to do (and be happier because of it). This 45-90 minutes talk is perfect for a kickoff meeting, an employee development day, a management conference, or a trade convention.

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Most of us prioritize the tasks that are most urgent instead of first doing what is important. The problem and the reason why we do so is that we have not yet determined what is important - we are playing a game without establishing goalposts. During David Stiernholm’s hands-on talk you will learn to set specific, measurable, and time-bound goals.

Eisenhower’s principle (yes, the president) will help you become more aware of your goals to more easily determine what is actually important and what is just urgent.

David will also teach you to:

    • Get more time for what matters most
    • Reach clear subgoals (and celebrate reaching them!)
    • Say no or ”it can wait” with a relieved smile

Get in touch now if you are curious of how herring, goat’s eyes and a mother in a rowing boat can make you and your coworkers:

  • More goal-oriented
  • Happier
  • Less stressed

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Before the talk you can purchase David’s book on structure, ”Super Structured: How to overcome chaos and win back time”, for all the participants. The book is a 30-day guide to how we can create a better structure at work so that we get more time for what matters most to us personally and to our business.

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