Super Structured

- How to overcome chaos and win back time

Information overload, a full inbox, heavy workload. There are many ways to describe the chaotic life some of us live and work in. But what if we create better working structure, and win back lost hours for what is important for ourselves, and our business?

In short chapters with useful advice and tips mixed with practical exercises, David Stiernholm teaches you how you can work in a more structured way through organisation, automation and focus. The book gives you the tools, mind-set, methods and routines that make you more efficient, more flexible and actually happier.

  • 31 simple steps to get organised and gain back time
  • Top practical tips such as making sure each task includes a verb and categorising your to do list between fast and slow tasks, tasks you can complete without WiFi etc.
  • Treat the book as a project. The 31 steps can be taken on consecutive days or weeks – choose a pace that works for you

Published by: LID Publishing

Pub date UK/US: 2nd Feb / 28th March 2017

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