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15 Sep

Will your future mailbox prioritize for you?

Date: 2010-09-15 10:45 Comments: 2 st

Today, I’m back in Gothenburg after two days in Therese Albrechtson’s and Gustaf Oscarsons’s enjoyable company. I had the pleasure of being responsible for the first of nine keys in Academy of Excellence, the training program for owners of rapidly growing companies that Therese and Gustaf have started. It was a privilege for me to work with the highly devoted participants, who were leaders with the goal to significantly expand their businesses.

Which email first?

One of the topics in my talk was prioritization. Entrepreneurs and other “doers” often have a tendency to easily start new things, get new ideas and sometimes thereby get more to do than is possible to manage.

Also, the sheer amount of emails often becomes a problem. Recently, Google launched (in beta) a new feature to Gmail, “Priority Inbox”, which will help you prioritize your incoming mail. The email that Gmail interprets as important, is put in a separate “Priority Inbox” and the remainder will remain in the regular inbox. Gradually, you can train in Gmail to make more and more correct prioritizations, they say.

Me, I’m curiously hesitant

Is this the future, that our mail client itself prioritizes among our incoming emails? Yes, it is in itself an attractive idea. But, unless we ignore the rest of the emails and just focus on the automatically prioritized, the benefit will only be that the “urgent selection” of the topmost prioritized emails will be done more swiftly than today. As long as we still choose to also review and consider the non-priority mail, the amount of mail to process is not reduced.

So, for me, this is an interesting feature, but I’m not sure that it solves our problem with all these emails.

What do you think?

Please leave a comment. I’m curious to hear what you think in this matter.



Mathias writes:

#1 - 2010-09-20, 21:51

I agree with your doubts about Google’s new Priority Inbox. It might work for some kind of people where it is really really important that they see the important stuff first so that they can react to it quickly. But, as you say, if you plan to check the other stuff as well it will not really save you any time.

Even though I don’t really believe in it I am actually trying it out in my Gmail account, as the little Google fanboy I am smile

David Stiernholm

David Stiernholm writes:

#2 - 2010-10-01, 11:17

Mathias: Yes, it’s definitely worth a try!

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