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19 Feb

Where did I put that receipt?

Date: 2010-02-19 10:50 Comments: 2 st

Have you ever experienced losing the receipts you got during a business trip that you had to account for, that the notes you took during the conference just disappeared, or perhaps the business cards you received at the mingle party apparently were nowhere to be found?

They have probably disappeared because you put them somewhere in order to be handled once back at the office and now you can’t recall exactly where this ”somewhere” is.

Portable Inbox

This doesn’t need to happen again. Get yourself a portable inbox which you carry with you at all times, perhaps a sturdy plastic case. You put everything you have to deal with later when you’re back at the office in this portable inbox. It may for example be receipts and tickets that need to be accounted for, notes from a meeting that you have to type up, business cards from different people that have to be added as a contact to the contact list, a hastily scribbled task to add to the to-do list, etc. When seated at your office desk, you just empty your inbox and take care of everything that you’ve accumulated so far.

Once again, consistency

The point of it all is consistency. If you, when you stand there with the lunch receipt in hand, know exactly what to do with it, you’ll never have to look for lost lunch receipts again, and you’ll always be able to relax and feel rest assured that everything that has to be dealt with back at the office will be easy to find. You gain time, ease and relaxation.

Do this

  1. On your list of things to do when you’ve got spare time while shopping, write down to go to a stationery shop and pick up a durable plastic case that has an opening in one end so you easily can put down the receipts in it, preferably without having to take it out of your bag.
  2. Buy the plastic case.
  3. Put the plastic case in your bag and from now on put all your need-back-at-office materials in it.

How do you do it?

Does your portable inbox look different? Do you have another way of not loosing receipts and other similar documents or notes?

Leave a comment below.


Martin Lindeskog

Martin Lindeskog writes:

#1 - 2010-02-19, 11:14


Great tip! I use the expandable inner pocket of my Moleskine weekly notebook diary (hard cover calendar with 18 months). The elastic band is holding the notebook closed.

David Stiernholm

David Stiernholm writes:

#2 - 2010-02-19, 15:15

Martin: Yes, I can guess that the Moleskine works pretty well for that purpose!

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