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25 Nov

Are there enough cows for the world to continue existing?

Date: 2011-11-25 16:40 Comments: 0 st

I love the time reserved for Q & A at the end of each lecture.
For an hour or more, all I have heard is my own voice repeating things I usually say, and finally it is time for me to have some new input.

Different kind of participants really ask different kinds of questions.

A while back I gave a talk before about 70 researchers, scientists and professors at the Institution for Micro-technology and Nano-science (MC2) at Chalmers University of Technology here in Gothenburg, Sweden. They had an afternoon devoted to the staff and were in for a structure-treat.

As we were approaching the end of the session, I received a question I have never heard before which significantly differed from questions I usually get. One of the scientists raised his hand and said:

“In the Bible, it says that the world was created out of chaos. If we structure ourselves and our lives, will the world really continue to exist?”

Absolutely brilliant! And funny at that!

I replied that I believe there is enough chaos left and that I feel assured when it comes to the continued existence of the cosmos.

But it was actually not until I had asked him to repeat the question at least twice I realized what he was asking, since I couldn’t quite understand what cattle had to do with the matter at hand. You see, I heard the question as “…the world was created out of cows…”.

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