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01 Feb

Visualizing progress with felt balls

Datum: 2013-02-01 15:16

In one of the first chap­ters of my book on struc­ture, I ask the read­er to decide how he or she will visu­al­ize the progress made through the 31 exer­cis­es. This in order to stay moti­vat­ed for as long as possible.

Recent­ly, Anna Eriks­son in Gävle, Swe­den, e‑mailed me and told me about her tool for this visu­al­iza­tion. Every time she fin­ish­es an exer­cise, she drops a bright­ly col­ored felt ball into a plas­tic tube beside the screen on her desk. As she gets clos­er to hav­ing estab­lished super struc­tured work habits, the stack of felt balls grows.

She even took a pic­ture for me (and you) to see.

The felt balls mark the progress!

Do you visu­al­ize your progress in any way phys­i­cal? How?