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06 Feb

My savior in a particular kind of emergency in a certain situation

Date: 2013-02-06 10:27 Comments: 0 st

It must have been a couple of years ago I bought two tiny Moleskine-notebooks that I have barely used. I have left them lying in a drawer.

A temporary solution becomes permanent

But when I ran out of space in my ordinary, more robust notebook in January, I put one of the forgotten notebooks in my bag so that I wouldn’t be without one. I almost always carry a notebook with me in order to help me brainstorm, reflect, and make note of ideas that pop up.

Today it occurred to me how perfect this small, and thus far neglected, notebook actually is for one single purpose. I tend to let my thoughts flow freely when I fly and I usually read a book when waiting for take-off. In this moment, as I am sitting reading and waiting for the plane to take off, I often get ideas – especially concerning new tips on structure I can write about in my weekly newsletter. Since I am rather absentminded by nature, I want to capture these moments of clarity regarding what to write as they occur. The problem is that the “Fasten seatbelt”-sign is lit and I am not allowed to switch on my phone or my computer. 

Catch the fleeting

The notebook sized “extra-small” is my savior. Even the most meticulous cabin-crew will allow me to write in this. I also discovered today that each page is perforated so as soon as I have caught the idea on paper, I tare off the sheet and put it in my portable inbox. This way I can be sure that I have the idea available (and make it possible to transfer it to a better format) rather than forgetting that I wrote it down in a notebook lying somewhere in my bag.

Superb for this one purpose

It satisfies my need perfectly in this particular situation. I don’t have fuss about possibly forgetting the idea and I don’t have to rephrase the idea later on which at the moment is perfectly clear.

You can order these tiny notebooks through Moleskine.
And no, I don’t get commission on any sales. I just really enjoy using them.

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