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06 Feb

My savior in a particular kind of emergency in a certain situation

Datum: 2013-02-06 10:27

It must have been a cou­ple of years ago I bought two tiny Mole­sk­ine-note­books that I have bare­ly used. I have left them lying in a drawer. 

A tem­po­rary solu­tion becomes permanent

But when I ran out of space in my ordi­nary, more robust note­book in Jan­u­ary, I put one of the for­got­ten note­books in my bag so that I wouldn’t be with­out one. I almost always car­ry a note­book with me in order to help me brain­storm, reflect, and make note of ideas that pop up. 

Today it occurred to me how per­fect this small, and thus far neglect­ed, note­book actu­al­ly is for one sin­gle pur­pose. I tend to let my thoughts flow freely when I fly and I usu­al­ly read a book when wait­ing for take-off. In this moment, as I am sit­ting read­ing and wait­ing for the plane to take off, I often get ideas – espe­cial­ly con­cern­ing new tips on struc­ture I can write about in my week­ly newslet­ter. Since I am rather absent­mind­ed by nature, I want to cap­ture these moments of clar­i­ty regard­ing what to write as they occur. The prob­lem is that the Fas­ten seatbelt”-sign is lit and I am not allowed to switch on my phone or my computer. 

Catch the fleeting

The note­book sized extra-small” is my sav­ior. Even the most metic­u­lous cab­in-crew will allow me to write in this. I also dis­cov­ered today that each page is per­fo­rat­ed so as soon as I have caught the idea on paper, I tare off the sheet and put it in my portable inbox. This way I can be sure that I have the idea avail­able (and make it pos­si­ble to trans­fer it to a bet­ter for­mat) rather than for­get­ting that I wrote it down in a note­book lying some­where in my bag. 

Superb for this one purpose

It sat­is­fies my need per­fect­ly in this par­tic­u­lar sit­u­a­tion. I don’t have fuss about pos­si­bly for­get­ting the idea and I don’t have to rephrase the idea lat­er on which at the moment is per­fect­ly clear. 

You can order these tiny note­books through Mole­sk­ine.
And no, I don’t get com­mis­sion on any sales. I just real­ly enjoy using them.