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20 May

Video: How I cured my time optimism

Datum: 2022-05-20 15:53

Do you know how I cured my time opti­mism?

Well, there are of course worse dis­or­ders, but I real­ly suf­fered from being con­stant­ly in a hur­ry, from arriv­ing sweaty to meet­ings and from breath­ing in a much high­er spot than down in my gut (which is what we should real­ly strive for, should­n’t we, dear yoga enthu­si­asts?).

I imple­ment­ed a sim­ple habit and it cured my con­di­tion.

Now, I make bet­ter pre­dic­tions and I arrive on time. It feels so much bet­ter.

What habit I imple­ment­ed? Let me tell you!

And, by the way, how did you cure your time opti­mism? Tell me!