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23 May

Podcast: Done! No. 519 - Hide self-view during digital meetings

Datum: 2022-05-23 08:45
An elderly man having a zoom call with four other people on a laptop.

The less you get dis­tract­ed, the bet­ter the vir­tu­al meet­ing is. But, in a dig­i­tal set­ting, the pos­si­ble dis­trac­tions are plen­ti­ful. In this episode of Done!, the 519th, I cov­er a com­mon dis­trac­tion in dig­i­tal meet­ings that you might not have thought but that is real­ly easy to get rid of.

What else dis­tracts you in dig­i­tal meet­ings and what have you done to pre­vent your­self from get­ting dis­tract­ed? If you have nifty solu­tions or tips, feel free to share them with me. In these dig­i­tal times all ideas and solu­tions could be use­ful to oth­ers with the same problem.

As promised in begin­ning of this episode, here is the video about how I cured my time opti­mism.

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