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16 Mar

The three main ways AI has saved me time so far

Datum: 2023-03-16 10:41
Hands of a suited business man in a dark setting. His left index finger touches a smartphone in his right hand. A yellow/red flash lights up. As an overlay - the acronym AI and a number of random symbols.

All the AI devel­op­ment hap­pen­ing right now is so excit­ing, isn’t it? Every day, many new ser­vices, appli­ca­tions and apps are pre­sent­ed that aim to make things eas­i­er for us.

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Just almost first on the ball

My some­what skep­ti­cal per­son­al­i­ty usu­al­ly pre­vents me from being among the ear­ly adopters” when it comes to new tech­nol­o­gy. Instead, I like to wait a bit after the launch of some­thing new to see what the new thing can do in prac­ti­cal use — for my own work, of course, but espe­cial­ly for my clients and my audi­ence. I always want what I share to be prac­ti­cal and quick­ly applicable.

Three time-sav­ing services

How­ev­er, I think it is time to share what I have found use­ful when it comes to AI so far. Here are three ser­vices that might save you as much time as they have saved me.


First: Chat­G­PT, of course. I did not expect the ser­vice to become a help­ful col­league for me, but it real­ly has. When I get stuck on a task that I do not know how to solve, I ask Chat­G­PT for three or five sug­ges­tions on how to pro­ceed, and it gives them to me. Not all sug­ges­tions are good, but enough of them are valu­able for me to get started.

Ben­e­fit: If I get stuck, I get unstuck faster. Tasks are com­plet­ed in less time.


The cre­ators of Chat­G­PT — Ope­nAI — have also cre­at­ed Whis­per — an open-source app that under­stands speech — Eng­lish, of course, but also Swedish and many oth­er lan­guages. And much bet­ter than Siri, actually.

I use it to tran­scribe the speech in my videos into sub­ti­tles — auto­mat­i­cal­ly. Pre­vi­ous­ly, I had to add sub­ti­tles to my videos man­u­al­ly (which took for­ev­er), but now Whis­per does it for me.

Ben­e­fit: Some­thing I did man­u­al­ly now hap­pens auto­mat­i­cal­ly, so I save time — about two hours every week.

If you do not have videos to cre­ate sub­ti­tles for, you can auto­mat­i­cal­ly tran­scribe oth­er record­ed speech to text — record­ed meet­ings in Teams or Zoom, perhaps?

(Whis­per was a bit tricky to set up, but I actu­al­ly got guid­ance from ChatGPT.)

Chat­G­PT Writer

Chat­G­PT Writer is a Chrome exten­sion for Gmail that uses Chat­G­PT to write cer­tain emails for me, where it is not so impor­tant that the email is per­son­al (so I write emails to read­ers and cus­tomers man­u­al­ly). I can either ask the ser­vice to sug­gest a response to an email I have received or write a new one from scratch.

I use it for emails that are dif­fi­cult to write, where I risk get­ting stuck. The ser­vice writes a detailed draft of an email that I can then adapt much faster than if I had writ­ten it from scratch.

Ben­e­fit: I write cer­tain emails faster and have more time for things oth­er than writ­ing emails.

Bonus: Run­way

I can­not help but men­tion the image and video AI ser­vice Run­way as well. It extrap­o­lates image motifs, for exam­ple. I had a stand­ing image, but I need­ed one in land­scape for­mat with the same motif. I did not want to crop the stand­ing image to land­scape, so I let Run­way come up with what would have come to the right and left in the image if I had tak­en it in land­scape for­mat from the begin­ning, based on what actu­al­ly came in the real image. It was not a per­fect result, but one that you could get away with!

Do this

If, when you hear about what I have found use­ful, you think yes, that would save me time too,” try the ser­vices I have mentioned.

And, gen­er­al­ly when it comes to the AI fren­zy we’re in: keep up as best you can and try what seems use­ful to you. It does not have to take much of your time. Give a ser­vice 15 min­utes, and you will soon find out if there’s some­thing to gain there or not.

Valu­able time saved

If you start using AI ser­vices you have found, you have the chance to quick­ly save a lot of time that you would oth­er­wise spend on things that can now be done auto­mat­i­cal­ly. You also become accus­tomed to using these types of ser­vices — a knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence that I am con­vinced is high­ly val­ued from now on.

What have you found?

Have you found any oth­er AI ser­vices that I have not men­tioned here that have saved you work and time? Write me and let me know! I wrote this text last Tues­day, and before it reached your eyes, it is pos­si­ble that much more has emerged that would fit in this trio. I will write about them anoth­er time!

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