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29 Apr

Podcast: Done! No. 596 - Are you using OneNote, Planner, and To-Do for the right things?

Datum: 2024-04-29 08:45
Three doors with illuminated windows above each are marked with logos: Microsoft To-Do, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Planner.

How should you best use OneNote, Plan­ner, and To-Do?

In this week’s episode of Done!, I explain what you should use these three pop­u­lar tools for — and not.

Of the men­tioned apps, Plan­ner is used the least by the peo­ple I help. There­fore, if you do, I’m curi­ous to hear how you use it. Please write to me and tell me. I’m hap­py to listen.

Do you have a col­league who would ben­e­fit from clar­i­fy­ing their app usage even more? Please share this tip with them because the more peo­ple in our sur­round­ings who also work in a struc­tured man­ner, the smoother our work­days will be.

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