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04 Sep

Podcast: Done! No. 565 - The tree, the poodle and the paint bucket help you set the right goals

Datum: 2023-09-04 08:45
Headshot of a fluffy, white poodle against a pitch black background.

How can you fig­ure out what goals to set for your work, so you can pri­or­i­tize more deliberately?

In this episode of Done!, No. 565, I share three clues to the right goals for you.

Do you have any oth­er clues to find­ing your goals? Please write to me and tell me. I always want to get tips on how I and many oth­ers can refine the way we work so that our days at work become more like I want them to be. I’m curi­ous to hear about your best tricks.

Do you know the six levers you can pull to shape the per­fect day?

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