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05 Jun

Podcast: Done! No. 560 - Record a text note with your voice and AI

Datum: 2023-06-05 08:45
A man in a brown jacket, white V-neck sweater, and dark blue tie is jogging along a downtown street while recording a voice memo on his mobile phone, all while a car zooms past at high speed.

You are on the go and want to make a quick voice note, but the text writ­ten does­n’t match what you said at all. Unnec­es­sar­i­ly complicated!

But, I have found an AI solu­tion that gets me right every time.

I am shar­ing it with you in this Done! episode No. 560.

Have you found anoth­er, sim­i­lar solu­tion to the need for quick voice record­ings to text? Tell me about it! I col­lect solu­tions like this, so I am eager to hear what you’ve found. 

Have a look at Ben­nett and Field­’s study about recovering.

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Middle-aged Japanese woman wearing glasses is sitting in a cosy café in Ikebukuro, reading something interesting on her laptop.

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